Jessica Johnson is a contemporary landscape oil painter born in San Francisco and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Passionate about the outdoors since her earliest backpacking trip at just 3 years old, Jessica works to capture and communicate the inspiring beauty of the landscapes that surround her home and permeate her adventures.

Using vibrant colors and simple, direct brush strokes, she paints expressively in oils using Sargent’s philosophy of “economy of effort,” employing an alla prima or “wet-on-wet” technique on her canvasses.

Jessica began cultivating an artistic expression from a young age and throughout all four years of high school, practicing in watercolors, ink, charcoal, pencil, and acrylics. At 18, she left home in Northern California to travel abroad and live in Southern Italy. During the trip, she was inspired by the oil paintings of Renaissance and Impressionist artists whose work stood the test of time. When she returned, she began painting exclusively in oils while working to master the medium in her own evolving impressionist style that highlights beautiful colors, forms, and natural light.

She currently resides Southern Oregon and finds inspiration in high mountain lakes, sweeping vistas, and natural landscapes that inspire her travels through the American West. She hopes that by capturing a beautiful moment in time, her work will touch people’s hearts – delighting and inspiring them to explore and relish in the natural world.

I devour nature ceaselessly. I exaggerate, sometimes I make changes in the subject; but still I don’t invent the whole picture. On the contrary, I find it already there. It’s a question of picking out what one wants from nature.

—Van Gogh