From the Nighttime series: Starlit Road – SOLD

Starlit Road


14 x 14 in / 35 x 35 cm


Sometimes, I leave the city at night and drive out into the country for a little star-gazing and hiking. I begin to remember just how gorgeous the night sky is when you recede further and further away from civilization. Not that cities aren’t beautiful to look upon at night, with their bright tapestry of lights of all colors and intensities. But getting further and further away from man-made light I feel a sense of awe at the scope and beauty of the celestial bodies that inhabit the night sky. This painting feels to me like walking down a forested road with nothing but the stars guiding your way.

This painting was created on 3/4” canvas. The piece arrives unframed. Shipping within the lower 48 states is absolutely free.

JESSICA JOHNSON is a contemporary landscape oil painter born in San Francisco and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Passionate about the outdoors since her earliest backpacking trip at just 3 years old, Jessica works to capture and communicate the inspiring beauty of the landscapes that surround her home and permeate her adventures.

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